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GemWorld 2018 Learning Center Schedule

by last modified Jun 12, 2018 09:08 PM

Saturday July 14th

11am - Dave Millis - Cleaning and Preparing Mineral Specimens
Dave, who is known far and wide as the Rock Doc, has perfected the process of cleaning and prepping specimens. Learn how to get rid of those iron stains. See how Dave uses oxalic and hydrochloric acid to bring out the best features of the minerals for display and crafting.
12:30pm - MOST - Ready, Set, Spin
Is it possible to bounce a ball on Mars? How do skaters spin so fast on the ice? People play games, while the concepts vary, the science rules do not. The MOST will explore with us the how and why of physics and playing games on our perpetually spinning planet and beyond.
1:30pm - Rick Moore - How to build a Dinosaur
Help dig/catalog/construct a 4 foot tall Velociraptor using a detailed wooden skeleton
2pm - Len Sharp - The Enigmatic Stone Statues of Easter Island
Rap Nui was born of volcanic fury. The Polynesians discovered and settled there circa 400 A.D.  The culture that developed over the next 1300 years was unknown to the outside world until rediscovered by the Dutch Captain Roggeveen on Easter Sunday 1722. It is the isolation of Rap Nui, plus the unique stone statues (Moai) and the culture that developed that makes this remote 66 square mile island so intriguing. Len will share his photographs and relay his first-hand experience exploring this unique site. He will discuss the method of construction used for the approximately 900 Moai, how they were moved and placed upright, and what was their purpose. Len is a retired Earth Science teacher from Liverpool High School, with almost 40 years teaching at that level. He is a Presidential Awardee in Science Teaching and National Science Teachers Association’s Distinguished Teacher. Len is an adjunct professor of Education at Lemoyne College.
3:30pm - Kris Faso - Voices of the Stone
Seer, psychic, medium - Kris is a part of the metaphysical area of our show. Join Kris as he weaves stories of the stones and shares how they communicate signs, verification and messages to us from the natural world.  Kris believes every stone has a story to foretell, or speak of relative to our environment, history, earth walk. Kris (The Stoneman) was raised on the shores of Lake Ontario, his passion for collecting stones began there.

Sunday July 15th

12:30pm - MOST - Fizz, Boom, Amaze!
The museum brings you an exciting selection of experiments, many using ordinary household products, that fizz, boom and pop! You’ll be dazzled as you learn the science behind a Mentos geyser, CO2 sandwich, and popping film canisters. The show is designed to encourage further scientific experimentation.
1:30pm - Rick Moore - How to build a Dinosaur
Help dig/catalog/construct a 4 foot tall Velociraptor using a detailed wooden skeleton.
2pm - Calvin Prothro - Volcanoes: Vesuvius, Saint Helens, Kilauea, and beyond
Volcanoes have been a source of mystery and wonder, and the focus of religious worship for as long as humans have walked the earth.  Volcanoes have provided food for us and have powered economies around the globe.  They are also the source of fear, horror and suffering in every. corner of the world.  Today there are approximately 1,500 potentially active volcanoes worldwide, and some half a billion people living under the threat of an eruption. There are 169 active volcanoes in the U.S. and it’s territories.  What are volcanoes and what fuels them?  Who is living under these threats?  When will the next volcano erupt?  Is there anything we can do to control these wonders of the earth?
Calvin is an Associate Professor of Geology and Planetary Science at OCC.

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