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by Rick Moore last modified Oct 11, 2015 06:03 PM
A short overview of the mineral Vanadinite

Apatite Phosphate Group

Vanadinite [Pb5(VO4)3Cl] is related to Chlorapatite, the chlorine-rich member of the Apatite group [Ca5(PO4)3Cl]. In Vanadinite, lead (Pb) replaces the calcium (Ca) and vanadium (V) replaces phosphorous (P).

Vanadinite also forms a chemical solution series with Pyromorphite [Pb5(PO4)3Cl] and Mimetite [Pb5(AsO4)3Cl], Because P and arsenic (As) are easily interchangeable with V, Vanadinite may also contain these elements as impurites. When the ratio of V to As is 1:1, the common variety name Endlichite has been. However, Enlichite has been discredited by IMA (the International Mineralogical Association) and the varietal name Arsenatian Vanadnite is preferred.

Factoid : Vanadinite is 73.15% lead, Pyromorphite is 76.38 % lead and Mimetite is 69.61 % lead.

Vanadinite Pb5(VO4)3Cl

RobLavinsky-Vanadinite-146719 RobLavinsky-Vanadinite-176727
Vanadinite from Mibladene, Upper Moulouya lead district, Morocco . Photos courtesy of Rob Lavinsky - CC-BY-SA-3.0 (Creative Commons Attribution share Alike 3.0)

Vanadinite is usually bright-red or orange-red. It is commonly translucent, though the most prized specimens are transparent.

Crystal structure

Check out's interactive 3D model of this crystal form. You might also want to check out Webmineral's interactive 3D crystal lattice for Vanadinite.

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